Gypsy Beard is an eclectic traveling vintage clothing shop full of unique fashion and pretty things. Gypsy Beard began as an online vintage shop run by Kat Curling. After opening a brick and mortar in downtown Greenville, TX, it was decided that our heart belonged on the road! We’ve been traveling and popping up shop at local flea markets, music festivals and events ever since. Find out where we’ll be popping up next on the events page!

About the Owner

Kat Curling is a designer & photographer out of East Texas where she lives with her son, cat & dog. What began as just a hobby hunting for vintage, quickly turned into a hoarding problem, which then turned into a shop. When she’s not sitting behind a desk or camera, she’s binge watching/read or on the road at markets and thrift stores buying and selling unique vintage pieces.

“What I love most about vintage, is the unique personality to each and every piece. Vintage offers us quality, patterns, colors and stories that you no longer find.”

Her mind and soul are hardly ever not on the move. Traveling makes her soul happy. Meeting new people and experiencing new places is her passion. Follow her adventures on the Gypsy Beard Blog and Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.