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When Ana and I crossed paths we were both instantly excited and equally enthusiastic for eachother’s futures. We are both relatively small town girls with big dreams and ideas. She stopped in my vintage shop in downtown Greenville, Texas when it was still open and was so excited to see what we were doing there. Fast forward a few years later and Ana has traveled all over North & Central America following her passions and pursuing her dreams of becoming a lawyer in Washington D.C.

So when she approached me to take head shots of her and design business cards for her I was definitely on board! I knew they needed to be unique to help her stand out in the bustling / cutthroat networking scene of DC. I knew wanted the design to be elegant, timeless and classy, but edgy and fun to reflect her personality.

One great thing about a business card is this: you don’t have to have a business, Etsy shop or be the CEO of a company to need one. Business cards are for bloggers, dog walkers, YouTuber’s and anyone who wants to connect or network. For some of my friends, when they get asked what they do for a living and they reply “I’ a blogger.” they get strange looks. The idea that a blog is something other than a diary with hearts and doodles is a big out there to a lot of people. This is the ideal time to whip out that business card. Not only does it show, “Hey this is a real serious thing” but also provides you with a need way to get readers to your blog. We spend a lot of time focusing on expanding our readership through social media and online, but there are readers to be found in person too.

Are you thinking you need a business card? I can help with that! Let’s talk!

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2 thoughts on “Ana Rea – Professional Business Card Designs

  • Patti

    “I’m a blogger.” Ha! My family yells: BLOGGER! when i enter a room!

    • Kat Curling

      haha that’s funny Patti!


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