Day Dreaming

Day dreaming and making magic happen today! Some days you just wake up and feel extra optimistic and productive. I've learned to take advantage of those days! What are you up to today?

I've had a pretty magical week so far! Yesterday my friend and I spent the day in Dallas at the Sweet Tooth Hotel taking amazing photos that I cannot wait to share! It was a super cool experience. There were several rooms with different candy / food themes. One room was like a vintage kitchen with fake cakes, gummy worms. cereal etc. One room was an amazing neon cactus room (my favorite) . Another room was full of cotton candy clouds and rainbows and another was a kitschy bathroom with checkered walls and floors, pink bathtub and giant donuts.  If you're in the Dallas area and are able to get tickets before it sells out, definitely do! I've had lots of new inquiries and lots of beginnings to exciting things! I love this stage of projects and adventures!

Kat Curling